SlickCity Media

Slickcity media company is a 360 production company touching every single arm of media,
from film/tv production, consultation & creative services, media technology,
publishing and so on.

Our Mission

To light the touch and keep it blazing in the media space with fresh and original concepts and innovations while helping others deliver their media vision through our services in a timely, astute and excellent manner.

Our Vision

To develop technologies that support media delivery through our ability to harness changes in technology, while matching your demands with prevailing changes.


Over A Decade In Media Production"

SLICKCTZN (Media Production)

SLICK CTZN is a full service media production company solely responsible for providing production services from its initial creative concept to its completion. Our production team guides you from scratch with the initial concept, storyboarding, scheduling, talent casting, and project management until the final product is achieved.

SLICKTECH (Digital and Online Technology)

SlickCity Tech is a media-tech company that combines media, digital and online technology that ranges from music, movies, television, gaming, advertising, academic & news media, and conversation platforms

SLICKCITY AGENCY (Creative Content)

Slickcity Agency is a global independent creative agency, dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising, promotions and marketing for you.

SLICKCITY PUBLISHING (Publication Company)

Slickcity publishing is a publication company that produces and publishes high-quality and relevant content with the aim of attracting an increasing number of advertisers and loyal readers to each publication.